David North 2017

Hello my  name is David North and welcome to my online portfolio.  I've been a gamer nearly all my life.  I remember the day I played my first game, Super Mario Brothers 3, and my imagination started to expand.  I started to see the world as one with infinite possibilities.  The pencil and paper became my weapon of choice   Ever since that fateful day you couldn't stop me from drawing, unless you waved a video game controller in my face.

For the past nine years I decided to turn my love for games and comics from a hobby, into a job.  I have worked as an illustrator for several projects like comic books, children's books, comic strips, and tabletop games.  Four of those years were also spent creating concept art, sprites, and illustrations for video games. 

I hope you enjoy the samples of art I have posted on this site.  These samples are from  professional jobs, as well as personal drawings and paintings I've done over the years.   

Professional Jobs

Concept Artist, Game Designer, Illustrator and Programmer for The Deal LLC: 2013 - Present

Illustrator for Hachette Children's Books - 2015 -Present

Concept Artist, Game Designer and Programmer for 5 Hit Combo Entertainment: 2011 - 2016

Icon Artist for Game Craftsmen: 2014 - 2016

Illustrator for Bradan's World LLC: 2015 - 2016

Concept Artist, Illustrator and UI Designer for Galiant:  2015 - 2016

Illustrator for Game Smith Designs: 2016

Concept Artist for Terrestrial Software: 2016

Illustrator for Overworld Digital Publishing: 2015

Writer for a weekly Guild Wars 2 Column on MMORPG.com: 2011- 2015

Concept Artist and Graphic Designer for Imaginary Beetle: 2013 - 2014

Concept Artist, Illustrator, Sprite Animator, and UI Artist for Smugbit Studios: 2013

Illustrator for Arcane Tinmen: 2014

Illustrator and Icon Artist for Cryptic Comet Inc.: 2011- 2013

Concept Artist for Kerberos Productions: 2012

Illustrator and Concept Artist for Moai Studios: 2010 - 2011

Writer and Illustrator for the comic strip Guild Sores for MMORPG.com: 2011

Concept Artist, GUI Artist and Web Designer for Plebeian Games: 2010 - 2011

Concept Artist for Mercenary Studios: 2010

Concept and Storyboard Artist for Mutantville Productions: 2010

Icon Artist for Cryptic Comet Inc: 2010

Concept Artist for Archon Games: 2009-2010

Concept Artist for 3D Training Academy: 2009

Icon Artist for the Cryptic Comet Inc.: 2008

Publications and Released Games

The Monroeville Monster:  Teen Horror Book

The Summoner Series:  Teen Fantasy Book Series

Nemesis: Teen Fantasy Book Series 

The Prince Garrett Series: Children's Book Series

The Occult Chronicles:  PC Turn Based Strategy Game

Solium Infernum:  PC Turn Based Strategy Game

Mecha Galaxy:  PC Turn Based RPG

The Mirror Realms of the Tempest: Virtual Tabletop RPG Module

The Spoils, Holy Heist Set:  Trading Card Game

Heroes of History: Trading Card Game

Sword of the Stars End of Flesh: User Manual Illustrations 

Rune Crafter: Tabletop Dice Game

Numbers of Ra: Mobile App Game

SwipeTime!: Mobile App Game

Robot Doctor:  Mobile App Game

Metal Viking:  Mobile App Game

Pyro Pursuit:  Mobile App Game

Dungeon Thief:  Mobile App Game

Zombie Holiday:  Mobile App Game

Gust Riders: Mobile App Game

Belt Hunter: Mobile App Game

Castle Slayer: Mobile App Game

Prehistoric Mathematics:  Mobile App Game

Adventures in Garrett Land:  Mobile App Game 

ZomBfense: Mobile App Game

Dragon Babies:  Mobile App Game

Zombie Ops:  Mobile App Game

Zombie Vendetta: Mobile App Game

Snowman Fun:  Mobile App

8-bit Holiday Yule Log:  Mobile App

Super Bean:  Mobile App Game

Pixel Boy:  Mobile App Game

Respawner: Indie Film Project

Illustrations appeared in Irregular Magazine issues 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Illustrated the cover for Irregular Magazine issue 9