David North 2015

Facebook:  I show off some art from projects that I work on here. 

Twitter:  I shows off art on twitter as well!

Deviant Art:  I have a Deviant Art page!

Rune Crafter:  I love dice games, so I created one! 

Cryptic Comet::  Cryptic Comet has made some of the best strategy games I've ever played.  I've been very lucky to do some illustrations for their games.

MMORPG.com :  For all of your mmo news, go here.  I write some of these columns, so you know their good! 

Irregular Magazine:  Here is a great online magazine that covers gaming.  You can even find some of my artwork in a few of the issues!

5 Hit Combo Entertainment:  I am a Co-Owner for 5 Hit Combo, where we make sweet games! 

The Shinies of Legend:  Here's a great web comic about playing RPGs.  Oh, and I illustrate it!

 Linkedin:  You can find me on Linkedin here.